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Creating websites • Building e-shops • Helping with marketing


focus on job for you

years of experiences with wordpress

years of experiences with graphic design

clients I have worked for

Hello, I am Jan Barbořík from Czech Republic. I am a freelancing marketing specialist with an overlap in graphic design, web design, and marketing. I am ready to help you with WordPress. I can create a new website for you, fix your existing website, or teach you how to use it.

I am perfectly skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and use those programs daily. I can prepare all graphic design parts by myself. Additionally, I understand coding (HTML, CSS, bit PHP, bit understand MySQL), SEO, and current requirements for a good and safe web. I have a strong focus on the DIVI theme.

Devenio” means “can reach” in Latin.
It perfectly explains my vision – to reach more customers for you.







WordPress freelancer

Do you need to create a company website? Introduce a product or service on the microsite? Want to create a blog? Do you want to start selling via WooCommerce e-shop? Want a multilingual website or any other specialty? I am ready to help you. Just drop a message!

I have been working with WordPress since 2008, and I know its strengths and weaknesses. I can make attractive and functional websites that can meet today’s criteria. I also train WordPress web design, and I am ready to answer all your questions and teach you how to work with the final website, with or without me.

If you do not have the capacity, I will take care of the site and maintenance (system and editing content) for you. I’ll also help you formulate goals and requirements for the new site and help you achieve them.

Use all of my skills

12 years of experience with WordPress


I'm a diligent worker


I'm independent


I use proven solutions


I'm a marketer and graphic designer


I'll help with the concept of the site


I'll prepare an attractive look


Large and small webs too


I edit texts and information


I'll create graphic elements


I edit photos as needed


I code small parts by myself


I can apply CSS styling by myself


I test everything before I launch them


I'm focused on DIVI


I prepare basic SEO


I'll teach you how to use the site


I can manage contents in the future


I'll secure the website correctly


Final websites are always ready for future growth


I can't program plugins


I can't code new templates


I can't proofread English texts

Note: There are some things I can’t help you with. I don’t want to work on projects that are immoral, unethical, political, esoteric, or any kind of religious.

Some references of my work:

I attended Jans workshop with great interest and benefit. Even a layperson can give an introduction to the creation of a website by acquiring a domain from a very advanced work with WordPress, and especially the modular tool, Divi. Jans kind and illustrative method will encourage the listener to develop further, and as well, give them directions. Any layperson tends to fumble in a flood of information and does not immediately know what is important and what is not. Jan gives directions and priceless advice.”

Ondřej Neff

writer and celebrity

I’m working for clients worldwide.

For example, from the Czech Republic, Italy, England, Germany, Serbia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Singapore and China.

TV interviews:

I am ready to help you

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You can also find me on LinkedIn – feel free to connect with me!

IR: 75762641 
VAT no: CZ8309295247
Adress: Hybešova 2447/53a, Blansko,
Czech Republic

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    Protection of personal data: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force on 25 May 2018. I know about it, but nothing changes for me. The only personal data I store are those that are required by the Czech legislation, especially the Accounting Act.